Picking an Accommodation for your Vacation


Located just at the edge of Victoria's southern coast, the Gippsland Lakes region is a large area of beautiful inland lakes and waterways enjoyed by hundreds of holiday travellers each year. Whether travellers bring a pole for fishing, walking shoes or a bicycle for the beautiful pathways, or just a chair to relax on the beach in, this area is a haven for natural beauty and modern activities that will entertain singles and families of travellers alike.

If you're looking to travel to this beautiful area, picking accommodation in Gippsland Lakes can seem like a daunting task. It need not be, however, there are just a few considerations to take into account and soon you'll be lakeside enjoying the sun or the surf depending on your preferences.

Where to Stay in the Gippsland Lakes Region?

Paynesville is often referred to as the centre of the region, though there are numerous other towns and lakeside villages that offer plenty of activities and accommodations anyone can enjoy. Picking an accommodation for your vacation first starts with determining what city or attractions you and your family want to visit.

Popular holiday attractions in this region include:

  • Lakes National Park- located on Rotamah Island, only accessible by boat, this is a haven for bird lovers and the perfect holiday for naturalists looking to connect with this unique area of landscaping.

  • Ninety Mile Beach- beginning with inlets close to Port Albert and ending at the open waters of Lakes Entrance is a 90-mile beach composed of soft golden sand separating the Bass Strait from Gippsland Lakes.

  • Kayaking and Canoeing Areas- Bairnsdale on the Mitchell River offers travellers short canoe trips or extended tours through the rapids into the lake system.

  • Paynesville- this central location offers boating, sailing, watersporting, fishing, and relaxation opportunities for any style of vacation you could imagine.

  • Maru Koala and Animal Park- located in Grantville, this is the perfect destination for families looking for adventure and relaxation all on the same trip.

The Gippsland Lakes area offers a host of activities for any traveller; these are just a few examples. However, using these examples can help you start planning a vacation, and assist you with picking accommodation for your vacation.

Popular Accommodations in the Area

Depending on your accommodation needs, there are numerous options available in the region. Below are a few of the highest-rated, most popular resorts.

Accommodation choices can be difficult, but when you know what you want out of your holiday (relaxation or adventure) this can help you decide on the best place to stay during the vacation. Picking accommodation for your vacation is a big decision, which will impact the enjoyment of your holiday, but we promise that you'll find plenty of resort, cottage, or hotel options that will be comfortable, affordable, and stylish for all your travel needs.

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