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Gippsland Lakes might be the only place where you would want to stay and enjoy the coolest vacation of your life. It is a great place for fishing, boating and even kayaking. Even if you don't want to take part in any of these activities, you would be able to watch the beautiful sunset at this place. The Gippsland Lakes network is often considered to be one of the best ever places for holidaying and picnicking, especially if you come here with your family. Considering the fact that you would be getting a lot of options to enjoy, staying here for a couple of days (or even more) should be your first priority. Hence, you would definitely have to look for a hotel in Gippsland Lakes.

Finding the best hotel can be a little difficult for you. You have to make sure that the hotel staff is friendly, the atmosphere is family oriented, the rates are reasonable and the facilities are available in abundance. In order to do so, you must definitely focus on getting the best. Going to the Captains Cove would be a great idea to achieve all these and much more. Let us take a simple example. When you are going to a place as fabulous as the Gippsland Lakes, enjoy fishing and boating activities, then you must definitely come back to a plush bed and an extremely serene surrounding. This can only be achieved when you come to Captains Cove. There are many other options for finding a hotel. However, when you know about the best, there is no point is looking for something better.

Captains Cove is not your typical hotel. Instead, it is a perfect resort that provides apartment style accommodation to you. You would be able to get self-sustained kitchen, washing machines, dryers, personal BBQs and much more. All the apartments would be providing a wonderful waterfront view to you. You can be enjoying a great weekend getaway or even a mid-week break in the Gippsland Lakes. The best thing about this place is that it is able to maintain its exclusivity, even amongst the high tourist traffic. However, this is not all. You would also be surprised with the amazing wilderness of this place. This is one true escape that would be providing you some great options to rely on. Come here and enjoy!

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