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If you love to go boating, fishing, golfing or just want to chill out, plan your next vacation in the Bairnsdale area. The best hotel in Bairnsdale is Captain's Cove as voted by many travellers who have stayed there.

The hotels have the distinct advantage of location. There is a famous Golf Course called the "Bairnsdale Golf Club" for the golf lovers. People come to play from far off places, at this Gippsland's most picturesque of courses.

The views span across the Eagle bay. The golf course is a first class facility with its tree lined fairways. There is a rich flora and fauna to be admired as you stride the lavish green. It is a real treat for anyone, golf player or not.

You can drive to a hotel, like Captain's Cove, with your own boat, on a trailer. There is plenty of parking space for the car and trailer. You can wash both your car and the boat at especially designated areas and then take it out for a spin.

The boat rides are a sheer pleasure. There are multiple lakes, like Lake King and Lake Victoria, among the bodies of water accessible in the Bairnsdale area. Fishing and water sports are often the popular choices for families. In case you do not bring your boat, you can easily hire one.

The best hotels, like the Captain's Cove, offer water fun for children and young people. Families often love to hire the kayak and stand up paddle boards. All the safety gear is available at one place, and there are reliable emergency services in place. You can learn and have fun without worries.

Should you arrive with a boat, there are private boat jetties to welcome you. Captain's Cove has rooms to fit most requirements. Couples on a retreat or large families on adventures will find plenty of space and apartments overlooking the water.

For those who miss urban lifestyles in vacation, there is "Esplanade". It is the strip of boutiques, supermarkets, coffee houses and restaurants in Paynesville. It takes less than 15 minutes to reach Esplanade, which is bustling with activity, any time of the day.

There are of course many other attractions on land or water that you can avail during your stay at the hotel. You can drive down to any venue throughout Paynesville and Gippsland in less than 30 minutes.

Most vacation places can give you a feeling of isolation. Hotels give you freedom of choice, even as you feel tucked away in paradise. Captain's Cove has facilities like a heated swimming pool and full size tennis court where you can spend a day, surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Surprise you friends and family by taking them to hotels. They will enjoy a fabulous time and congratulate you on your choices. Stay at the best hotels in Bairnsdale, like the Captain's Cove that fit your budgets perfectly, for water front apartments. Discover this paradise by booking your holiday today.

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