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If you have decided to have your next holidays at Lakes Entrance, you are bound to have a time of your life. Lakes Entrance and the surrounding areas are nothing short of a little piece of paradise. The natural beauty presents itself as far as you can see. There is something for everyone. Whether you decide to travel alone, with family or with friends, a fabulous vacation will be in waiting.

The first rule of the holidays is to book early. It is a popular destination. You should not wait till the last minute, to reserve your place in the hotels. During the holiday season, the rush increases and you may not find the spot you want.


If you want to save, try to plan your visit during the week. Weekends tend to attract higher rates. Most hotels in the region will give you a better price when you stay for minimum three nights. A vacation week starting Monday and ending on Friday will turn out to be the cheapest. Couple this up with early booking and you may be enjoying your vacation at half-price.

It is also known for its natural beauty and bodies of water. Having a vacation here means lots and lots of water related activities. It also means a lot of nature walks, hiking etc. Prepare in advance for this. Carry your floaters, scuba diving suits and fishing equipment when you head over. Good hiking shoes will help with the nature walks.

Having your holidays here are a treat for the folks who love fishing. There are some fabulous fishing spots in the area. If you own a boat, take it with you. It will be extremely useful to go island hopping. It will also allow you to go fishing at those secret fishing spots and catch the fish of your choice.

Select a hotel that will give you most amenities and is centrally located. When talking about holidays, we talk about the holidays in the area of Lakes Entrance, which is a pretty wide area. There are many small cities and even islands that fall in this area. Be ready to travel to these areas, to make the most out of this vacation.

Captain's Cove is among the best hotels to stay at during your holidays. The central location allows you to reach all the famous spots. The hotel rooms are actually apartments, large enough for any family or a group of friends. Every apartment overlooks the waterfront.

In case you did decide to bring your boat, there is enough parking for the car and trailer. There is a private jetty for your boat, right in front of your apartment. A full kitchen and BBQ front deck will help you prepare any fish you may bring back.

You will be enjoying paradise when you have holiday at Lakes Entrance. Selecting a hotel like Captain's Cove will only enhance the experience. So make your decision today and head over to Lake Entrance on your next holidays. It is a trip you will cherish forever.

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