Fun and Exciting Fishing Holiday for the Whole Family


Gippsland Lakes is the collection of Australia's biggest inland waterways. Made up of lakes, marshes, rivers, and lagoons, it cover about 600 square kilometers of land. The three largest lakes are Lake Wellington, Lake Victoria, and Lake King, but there are many other lakes and rivers that are striking in size.


Gippsland Lakes is obviously a prime fishing location with its abundance of water, but the best part about Gippsland Lakes' fishing is its diversity. It features all types of fishing including beach, ocean, river, or stream, and the fishing difficulty levels are diverse enough for the experienced anglers or basic beginners.


Bring Your Entire Family And Enjoy The Fun!


However, what most people don't realise is that because of its fishing diversity, Gippsland Lakes is perfect for a fishing holiday that is fun for the whole family. Mom, dad, brother, sister and even dog can enjoy fishing at Gippsland Lakes because there is something for everyone.


Lake fishing features boat fishing, jetty fishing or even foreshore fishing so even the beginners can have fun! You can catch fish like garfish, tailor fish, lake flathead, mullet, bream, or luderick.


Plenty Of Bodies Of Water To Choose From


The river fishing is equally diverse. Rod fishing, casting, and even fly fishing is sure to catch you any number of fish. You can fish in any number of rivers: The Mitchell, The Tambo, The Nicholson, Morass Creek at Benambra, the Bundarra, Cobungra, and Mitta Rivers.


90 Mile Beach offers the most lovely and successful surf fishing in Australia. You can catch shark, salmon, snapper, or any number of exotic sea creatures that live off the coast. Fish from a dock or boat, and enjoy the surf fishing.


Gippsland Lakes offer the perfect holiday fishing experiences that are diverse enough to satisfy the entire family! While on the lakes, Dad and Brother can head out in the boat while Mom and Sister sit on the dock. Each family member can have his or her own river adventure while river fishing! And the entire family can sunbathe, fish, or even surf while surf fishing. A fishing holiday at Gippsland Lakes is sure to be fun and exciting for the whole family.


Captains Cove lies on the shores of the sheltered Paynesville canal harbor and is the ideal holiday destination for families, boaties and fishing enthusiast.

Located in the heart of Victoria's boating capital on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes, you will find our waterfront holiday apartments have something for everyone.

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