Going Fishing in Metung

Fishing Metung

If you are a fishing fan, you will love to sneak a fishing vacation in the Metung area. While you are there, stay at affordable yet amazing hotel like Captain's Cove. It is centrally located, with central access to the most popular fishing area.

You can travel to hotels like Captain's Cove with your car and boat on the trailer. If you do not own a boat, you can easily hire one. You can also make your way to Metung boardwalk by car. A lot of people love to fish at the boardwalk which is overlooking the Bancroft Bay.

Metung is a small village, and you can easily use the jetties at the village or at the back beach for fishing. There are public jetties available for fishing. You can also make your way to Nungurner, which is a popular fishing spot.

There is a variety of fishes that you may want to catch. Depending on that you will have to access the area. Staying at the Captain's Cove, you can avail the expert advice of the staff. You can also visit their website with contains the fishing report.

Bream is a popular catch at the Bancroft Bay. You may want to use peeled prawns to catch the fish. They are closer to the shore at night. Travel a bit south of the Bancroft Bay and you will arrive at Shaving Point. Here, you can fish for Flathead which bites on soft plastics.

Although you have Lake King on one side of Metung and Bancroft Bay on the other, most fishing enthusiasts prefer the Bancroft Bay. If you are interested on other type of fish, you may have to move out a bit. It is easy to do. You can hop on to many public jetties or hire your own boat.

Good hotels like Captain's Cove have unique arrangements with boat hires. A preferential rate is provided to the visitors hiring the boats. You can book charters or take a boat out yourself. Charters are preferable for groups. The captain of the boat often knows the best fishing places. His tips will prove to be extremely valuable.

Try and take a local map from the hotels desk. Fishing is popular in Metung and surrounding areas. You will find most of the fishing locations marked for you. If you are interested in a particular fish, as the hotel staff. Most locals are highly knowledgeable about the locations. You may even get a significant tip.

Metung and surrounding areas are a sheer joy for fishing enthusiasts. You have a wide variety of fishing spots day and night. There is a large selection of fishes to be caught. Everything you need is available for sale or for hire. You can arrive empty handed, and leave with a lot of fish.

Plan your next fishing vacation in Metung. Whether you are travelling with friends or family, everyone is will be delighted. There is a plethora of things to do for every age and desire. Anyone, who loves fishing will not be disappointed.

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