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Metung is a part of areas known for their excellent fishing experiences. A lot of fishing lovers make their way to Metung every year. If the vacation is with family, the destination becomes all the more preferable. The natural beauty around the area is perfect for any getaway. A fishing holiday apartment at Metung.


If you are planning purely a fishing holiday, try to save money by avoiding the competition. Book your holiday apartment at Metung during the week. Avoid the holiday season. This will enable a truly tranquil holiday. It will also save you some money, but that may be a secondary reason.



When travelling to Metung, you do not have to stay in a holiday apartment at Metung proper. Broaden your search, as there are some fabulous holiday apartments available in the larger Metung area. You may want to consider staying at Captain's Cove in Bairnsdale, a short drive or a boat ride away.


For a fishing vacation, it is advisable to have some basic facilities that will assist your sport. A boat is certainly a top priority. If you have a boat, you should seriously consider staying at Captain's Cove. You can drive up to the holiday apartment at Metung with you boat on a trailer. You will need parking space for the car and trailer. Captain's Cove has both.


There are a lot of perks for people who are boat owners and stay there. Small things like a designated area for wash boat and fish you catch is extremely practical. There is a private jetty right at your doorstep. You can literally jump from the bedroom into the boat, not that you would want to. Every apartment faces the water front. It is an ideal holiday apartment at Metung area.


In case you do not have a boat, you will certainly want to rent one. It is easy enough to rent a boat that will your requirements and budget. You can park it at your private jetty and go fishing at early hours or late nights. You can also hire fishing equipment if you did not carry your personal equipment.


Head over to the staff of your holiday apartment at Metung and ask them for the fishing report. The Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre publishes an authentic list of where to catch the best fish in the region. This list also describes the various fish varieties and how to catch them. You can also ask the staff at the holiday apartment at Metung for tips. They are mostly local people with expert knowledge of surrounding areas.


You can go fishing via the boats or you can visit any of the public or private jetties that are in the area. With over 90 miles of coastline, you will not be short of fishing places. Salmon, Tailor, Bream and prawn are just some of the catch in the area.


Fishing lovers will not be disappointed when they have their next vacation at Metung. Just plan to take a holiday apartment at Metung area to top up the fun.

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