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Boating Gippsland

Planning a holiday to the Gippsland Lakes' premier destination for boating and water sports? Here are some of the most exciting events and activities to look out for when visiting Paynesville; don't miss out when you visit!


Of course, when you visit Paynesville, you're there for the water, and it's spades. Surrounded by Lake King and Lake Victoria on its north, east, and south sides, it features a natural harbour as well as an extensive system of man-made canals, all of which make it a paradise for boating, swimming, water-skiing, wakeboarding, and all kinds of other watery fun. Best of all, the Gippsland Lakes are accessible for boating and all sorts of other water activities all year round.


Enjoy Paradise with White Sandy Beaches


For the swimmer, Paynesville and the nearby Raymond Island both have small, safe sandy beaches, and if you take or hire a boat, 90-Mile Ocean Beach is less than an hour's ride away. Also easily accessible by boat is the Lakes National Park, and a boat is a must-have to access many of the region's most exciting boating and wilderness activities.


There is a reason why it is known as the region's boating and water sports capital. In addition to all of its water features, it's centrally located, giving you access to the entire Gippsland Lakes system if you want to venture out that far. Explore the Southern Hemisphere's biggest inland waterway - a perfect Australian paradise.


Boats can be hired relatively cheaply, and there are multiple businesses in town where you can hire dinghies, kayaks, and cruisers on a daily basis. You can easily spend a week exploring the lake, river, and canal system in the Paynesville area, but there's plenty to do on dry land too!


Don't Miss Out on an Island Adventure!


Your visit to the Gippsland region wouldn't be complete without a trip to Raymond Island, which can easily become a day-long adventure for those looking to see wilderness, wildlife, and quiet beaches. Take your car via the ferry, walk or go boating; the choice is yours! Whilst on the island, you'll have many activities to choose from, including taking a wildlife tour with the famous Koala Walk, or wandering through the wilderness with the Bush Tour.


Raymond Island is child-friendly, and if you're looking to escape the hubbub of shops and restaurants, it's for you. Take a bicycle to maximise the exploring you can do, or bring a picnic lunch for the family! Raymond Island is only two hundred metres off the coast, and the ferry runs regularly and inexpensively, so you won't be venturing too far out, even if you do decide to make your trip a day-long one.


The city centre is easily navigable on foot, but a bicycle will open up many more options. With a bicycle, you can explore the bush trails nearby, or take the waterfront trail to combine the best of both worlds.


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