Selecting a boating destination can be devilishly difficult or easy. Decide to go boating at Gippsland Lakes, if you want to make an easy decision. The sheer size of it is around 400 square kilometres, is the largest navigable inland waterway in Australia. You cannot go wrong with this choice.

The beauty of Gippsland Lakes is picture perfect. The inland sea is separated from the ocean by a thin line of sand dune. It gives you the feeling of being able to walk on the ocean, becoming one with it. You are sure to snap pictures of this beautiful scenery, and there is no better way to explore it than by boat.


The Gippsland Lake Reserve on Raymonds Island is the perfect island to manoeuver around. The national park is preserved and surely worth the discovery trip. There are 90 miles of coastline, a compelling experience for anyone who wants to go boating.

With so much coastline, you are sure to find a variety as you navigate your boat in the region. There are beautiful deserted beaches and sheltered moorings that will call out to any adventurer. These are the locations where many movies are shot.

In December 2008, a beautiful phenomenon occurred in this very area. It was hauntingly beautiful and breath-taking. A particular micro-organism caused the waters to illuminate in an ethereal blue colour in the night. It was as if someone had turned on the stage lights on a giant show. If you are lucky, you may experience the same when you go boating in the region.

The two national parks in the area contribute to wildlife and birdlife attractions. People from across the world travel to this region to see the fabulous sights. The pristine blue ocean and the three rivers that you can navigate make boating at Gippsland Lakes the ideal boating destination.

There are multiple boardwalks where you can sip the best espressos, order cocktails with exotic names and enjoy the exquisite cuisine. You can also simply indulge in jolly old carnivals and lick traditional ice creams.

If you like to be in the water, you can safely go swimming in the sea, ocean or river. You can boat, swim or float to your heart's desire. There is a plethora of water sports to select from. Skiing and wakeboarding are hugely popular sports, and so is fishing and golf. Combine boating with your favourite sport.

If you are staying at an amazing hotel like Captains Cove, you will be able to combine your boating vacation with your sporting vacation. The hotel offers a heated water swimming pool and a full size tennis court. You can tie your boat to your personal and private jetty, just outside your apartment.

The experience of boating is truly safe. You are free enough to navigate the waters but close enough to reach any facility, in case of emergency. You can buy fresh supplies or top up water and gas just as easily. Leave the worries about extremely high water tides and dangers that are normally associated with it.

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