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The Bairnsdale area is a bit of a paradise, tucked away, waiting to be explored. If you happen to be travelling in that area, you may want to check out the best B&B in Bairnsdale. This extraordinary place is called Captain's Cove, and it has been rated best by the numerous travellers that have spent time there.

Being among the best bed and breakfast accommodation, you have everything that your heart may desire. Whether you are going to stay for a short or a long time, there is a deal to match your needs. Captain's Cove starts spoiling you from the word go. For the price of a room, you get a whole apartment. The cherry on top is that every apartment overlooks the waterfront. A truly remarkable feature from the best B&B.


It takes a lot to be among the best holiday accommodation. Let us start with the website. Head over to and look at the simple website, which has all the required information at your fingertips. You can find almost all the information you need, even before you start the journey.

The website contains the contact details and options for making reservations prior to your arrival at the best B&B. There is plenty of parking space for your car, and a trailer if you brought one. If you own a boat, carry it with you to this awesome destination. You will not be short of space.

In fact, if you brought your boat along, not only will you appreciate the parking space, but also the boat cleaning area. If you have not been using the boat as often, you can use this area to do maintenance on your boat. Once done, you can lower the boat into the water and tie it at your very own private jetty.

Bairnsdale and the surrounding areas are renowned for its fishing. You can catch many types of fishes. The locations to fish range from public jetties to exclusive locations reachable only by boat. Once you have collected your fish trophies, you can bring them back to the apartment and BBQ it on your own private deck. On a vacation, this is surely more than what you may expect from even the best B&B.

Whether you travel in alone or with a family, you will find plenty of activities to engage in. There is an indoor, heated swimming pool where you and the kids can relax any time of the day. There is so much natural beauty around that you may want to hike. Others may just want to take the boat for a spin. It is all at your disposal. Now these are qualities that one can appreciate in any B&B.

So next time you decide to take a vacation in the Bairnsdale area, be sure to check out Captain's Cove. It is a gold nugget waiting to be discovered. You stay will be nothing less than exhilarating.

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