10 Tips For Cold Weather Fishing

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As the summer fishing season ends, the temperatures drop and cold weather fishing begins. However, the weather is not the only thing that should change for cold weather fishing. The fish, the air, and you yourself all change during the cold, winter months, and, as a result, so should your fishing!


The main change of warm to cold weather fishing is the behavior of the fish. Since fish are cold-blooded, the water temperature drop that comes with cold weather will drastically change the fish's behavior, and should therefore change your fishing technique.


The follow are 10 tips for fishing in cold weather:


  1. Wear a cold weather suit: You cannot fish properly if you are freezing! Invest in a cold weather suit with a good, solid hood.

  2. Invest in good gloves:If your hands are frozen, you can't catch fish. Invest in gloves that will allow you to remain nimble but warm.

  3. Bring pocket warmers:Air-activated warming pouches that fit in your pockets are Godsends when you have cold fingers!

  4. Vacuum-Pack Extra Clothes: Extra sweaters, jackets, or other clothing items are bulky. However, if you vacuum-pack them together, you will save space and stay warm.

  5. Snowboarding Sock:Those snowboarders have one thing right: their socks! Water resistant and heat trapping, snowboarding socks will keep your feet warm and dry.

  6. Bring spares: Always pack extra socks and boots because you will get wet, and you will get cold.

  7. Pack a helmet: Freezing rain can hurt when it hits you, so pack a helmet or hat to protect your face from winter precipitation.

  8. Layer with Surgical Gloves:Water always seems to seep through gloves, so wear rubber gloves under your pother gloves to keep your hands warm and dry.

  9. Use the Elements:Winter wind and rain may keep us inside, but fish love it! Use the wind to help you move your baits, and follow the rain patterns as it churns up more fish.

  10. Wrap around sunglasses:Wrap around sunglasses not only protect your eyes from UV rays and water glare, but also from any flying ice or dirt.


Use these 10 tips to make your cold weather fishing trips fun, productive, successful, and safe.


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