• Accommodation

    Captain's Cove Provides Beautiful Accommodation

    The Gippsland Lakes offer one of the most relaxing, beautiful holiday experiences you can have. Located in southern Victoria, the Gippsland Lakes represent the largest inland waterway in the southern hemisphere. This area is filled with spectacularly scenic lakes, beautiful wilderness, an...  read more

  • Apartments Lakes Entrance

    Beautiful Apartments

    The Gippsland Lakes offers a world class holiday experience in a simply beautiful setting. Lakes Entrance, Paynesville & Metung provides an incredibly scenic region from which to explore the Gippsland Lakes, which make up the largest inland waterway in the southern hemisphere. When...  read more

  • Accommodation

    Captain's Cove Provides Beautiful Accommodation

    For a holiday experience in southern Australia that offers the best in relaxation, beautiful scenery, diverse wildlife and boating opportunities, you don't have to look farther than the Gippsland Lakes. This huge body of pristine water in south eastern Victoria has something to offer...  read more

  • Accommodation

    Accommodation with Exciting Activities on the Water

    When visiting Victoria, a trip to the Gippsland Lakes really should be on your itinerary. Located east of Melbourne, these lakes represent the largest inland body of water in the southern hemisphere. But more importantly, they offer an idyllic area of beautiful scenery and an abundance of...  read more

  • Accommodation Gippsland

    Enjoy Our Picturesque Scenery by Staying in Accommodation

    Many millions of tourists flock to southern Victoria each year, and for a number of those, the Gippsland Lakes are high on their list of places to see. Whether you've come from places international, interstate, or are simply hoping to escape from Melbourne for a few days, the Gippsland...  read more

  • Hotels

    Captain's Cove is One of The Beautiful Hotels

    With the Gippsland Lakes becoming such a popular tourist destination over the years, there are numerous accommodation options in the towns and villages of Gippsland, Bairnsdale, Paynesville, Metung, Lakes Entrance and more. These options cover everything from camp grounds for those hoping for...  read more

  • Hotels

    Captain's Cove is One of The Best Hotels Around

    For boating enthusiasts, nothing beats a holiday on the Gippsland Lakes. As the largest inland body of water in the southern hemisphere, this region of south eastern Victoria provides the perfect location to enjoy your favourite water activities. With a number of accommodation options...  read more

  • Fishing

    Enjoy the Boating and Fishing

    Paynesville, the gateway to the beautiful Gippsland Lakes region in south eastern Victoria, provides an ideal location to use as a base while exploring the spectacular Gippsland Lakes. The boating and fishing at Lakes Entrance & Paynesville are both superb, and you are bound to have an...  read more

  • Accommodation Paynesville

    Captain's Cove Offers Family, Friendly and Luxury Accommodation in Paynesville

    The Gippsland Lakes offers a fantastic holiday experience in south eastern Victoria. The lakes make up the largest inland body of water in the southern hemisphere, and provide an excellent range of fun activities for you to enjoy on the water. What's more, the scenery around the lakes is...  read more

  • Fishing Gippsland

    Captain's Cove Has All Your Holiday Needs Covered When You Are Fishing

    When you choose the Gippsland Lakes for your next holiday, you will not be disappointed. The waterways are the largest inland body of water in the southern hemisphere. They also provide fantastic water activities for you to enjoy, including fishing, boating, water sports, swimming, and so...  read more

  • Holiday House

    Relax On the Water and Enjoy Your Stay at A Holiday House

    Does your job have you feeling more stressed than usual? Are you sick of the constant buzz of the city? Do you miss the smell of fresh air and the sight of trees and wildlife? Perhaps you're ready for a time out. At Captain's Cove, we have just the solution. Come to the Gippsland Lakes and...  read more

  • Fishing

    Fishing Provide a Diverse Fishing Experience

    If you want your next family holiday to involve lots of time outdoors, consider going fishing in the Gippsland Lakes. Not only does this area provide diverse fishing opportunities, it is also made up of pristine lakes, blue skies, beautiful wilderness and an abundance of native...  read more

  • Accommodation

    Captain's Cove Provides The Best Accommodation

    For accommodation in Gippsland Lakes that offers affordable luxury and provides you with the independence to do your own thing, don't overlook Captain's Cove. Our beautiful, fully self-contained holiday apartments have a waterfront location on the Paynesville canal harbour, meaning that...  read more

  • B&B

    Captain's Cove Offers Affordable and Luxury B&B

    The Gippsland region is one of the most beautiful areas in Victoria. Most famous for the Gippsland Lakes, the area is also known for excellent beaches, quality vineyards, and beautiful scenery. A few days exploring the Gippsland region will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and...  read more

  • B&B

    One of The Best B&B

    Gippsland Lakes is a great place for everything from a romantic weekend away to a family holiday. Visiting Gippsland may be one of the most relaxing, beautiful experiences you have on holiday. Located in the south east of Victoria, the lakes represent the largest inland body of water in the...  read more

  • Accommodation Raymond Island

    Best Accommodation in Raymond Island

    The best accommodation in Raymond Island area is Captain's Cove. This is the opinion of numerous travellers, who have shared the accommodations. The location of the hotel makes it ideal for any visitor of Raymond Island, Paynesville and surrounding areas. The beauty of Raymond Island is...  read more

  • Fishing Metung

    Going Fishing in Metung

    If you are a fishing fan, you will love to sneak a fishing vacation in the Metung area. While you are there, stay at affordable yet amazing hotel like Captain's Cove. It is centrally located, with central access to the most popular fishing area. You can travel to hotels like Captain's...  read more

  • Fishing Paynesville

    Where to Go Fishing in Paynesville

    Fishing in Paynesville is highly recommended for anyone who loves fishing. If you have not been there, you are missing a lot. Make travel plans to this area and stay at a hotel like the Captain's Cove, which is centrally located. You can reach a lot of popular fishing destinations in...  read more

  • Hotel

    Best Hotel

    If you love to go boating, fishing, golfing or just want to chill out, plan your next vacation in the Bairnsdale area. The best hotel in Bairnsdale is Captain's Cove as voted by many travellers who have stayed there. The hotels have the distinct advantage of location. There is a famous...  read more

  • Hotel Lakes Entrance

    Best Rated Hotel

    Taking a vacation along the water body of any kind is a distinct pleasure. It does not matter whether you are there for a day, week or a month. The natural attraction towards water and it's properties to calm us are felt by everyone. Lakes Entrance is an remarkable place to discover on your...  read more

  • Apartment

    Beautiful Apartments

    The Gippsland Lakes offers a world class holiday experience in a simply beautiful setting. Lakes Entrance provides an incredibly scenic region from which to explore the Gippsland Lakes, which make up the largest inland waterway in the southern hemisphere. When looking for holiday apartments...  read more

  • Hotels Gippsland Lakes

    One of The Best Hotels

    Gippsland Lake is a beautiful piece of heavens on earth. The natural beauty is just unparalleled. You will make your friends jealous by taking a vacation in that region. The best hotel in Gippsland Lakes is Captain's Cove as announced by those who have experienced it. Every person has...  read more

  • B&B

    Best B&B

    The Bairnsdale area is a bit of a paradise, tucked away, waiting to be explored. If you happen to be travelling in that area, you may want to check out the best B&B in Bairnsdale. This extraordinary place is called Captain's Cove, and it has been rated best by the numerous travellers that...  read more

  • Holiday House Bairnsdale

    Best Holiday House

    Planning your next vacation? If you are, it would make sense to select among the best holiday house in Bairnsdale - Captain's Cove. It is a beautiful getaway that will spoil you with the facilities and service. It will certainly make you vacation memorable. It is not easy to be ranked...  read more

  • Holidays Lakes Entrance

    Planning Holidays

    If you have decided to have your next holidays at Lakes Entrance, you are bound to have a time of your life. Lakes Entrance and the surrounding areas are nothing short of a little piece of paradise. The natural beauty presents itself as far as you can see. There is something for everyone....  read more

  • Boating


    Selecting a boating destination can be devilishly difficult or easy. Decide to go boating at Gippsland Lakes, if you want to make an easy decision. The sheer size of it is around 400 square kilometres, is the largest navigable inland waterway in Australia. You cannot go wrong with this...  read more

  • Apartment

    Fishing Holiday Apartment

    Metung is a part of areas known for their excellent fishing experiences. A lot of fishing lovers make their way to Metung every year. If the vacation is with family, the destination becomes all the more preferable. The natural beauty around the area is perfect for any getaway. A fishing...  read more

  • Hotel Paynesville

    Booking a Hotel

    Everyone deserves a relaxing and tranquil getaway so why not enjoy one yourself at Captain's Cove, located on the sheltered and stunning Paynesville canal harbor. Thanks to its convenient location its ideal for boaties as you can step onto your private jetty straight from your door step....  read more

  • Waterfront Metung

    Waterfront Holiday Apartments

    If you're looking for that perfect holiday escape that still gives you all the comfort of home than the Captain's Cove may just be what you're searching for with their fabulous waterfront holiday apartments in Metung. Picture this - you'll be staying in a fully-appointed holiday apartment...  read more

  • Top Rated Accommodation Lakes Entrance Redefines Relaxation at the Top-rated Accommodation provides comprehensive information about Captains Cove, the highly preferred resort accommodation nestling on the shores of Paynesville in Victoria, Australia. Paynesville, Victoria (I-Newswire) August 4, 2013 - Stressful as ordinary days can be, many Australians take...  read more

  • Hotel Gippsland Lakes
  • Escape to Paynesville

    For the Ultimate Holiday – Escape to Paynesville!

    Holidays are something every person or family looks forward to, whether they happen every other weekend or only on an annual basis. Visiting the same location again and again can get boring, and everyone longs for new adventure. If you're looking for a place where you can bike, boat, golf,...  read more

  • Holiday Lakes Entrance

    An Overview of the Various Types of Holiday Accommodation Available

    Holidays are for adventure and activities, casual dining experiences and shopping excursions, relaxation and rehabilitation. Holidays are an escape from everyday life, and a trip to what everyone hopes will be home away from home accommodations. If you're looking to travel to the...  read more

  • Hotels

    Finding the Best Hotel for Your Holiday

    Of all the cities and towns in the East Gippsland area, Bairnsdale is the biggest, which means there are plenty of hotels, cottages, camping grounds and other lodging facilities to suit the needs of any traveller. But how do you decide which accommodation is right for you? We have some...  read more

  • Fishing Gippsland Lakes

    10 Tips For Cold Weather Fishing

    As the summer fishing season ends, the temperatures drop and cold weather fishing begins. However, the weather is not the only thing that should change for cold weather fishing. The fish, the air, and you yourself all change during the cold, winter months, and, as a result, so should your...  read more

  • Fishing

    Fun and Exciting Fishing Holiday for the Whole Family

    Gippsland Lakes is the collection of Australia's biggest inland waterways. Made up of lakes, marshes, rivers, and lagoons, it cover about 600 square kilometers of land. The three largest lakes are Lake Wellington, Lake Victoria, and Lake King, but there are many other lakes and rivers that...  read more

  • Accommodation

    Picking an Accommodation for your Vacation

    Located just at the edge of Victoria's southern coast, the Gippsland Lakes region is a large area of beautiful inland lakes and waterways enjoyed by hundreds of holiday travellers each year. Whether travellers bring a pole for fishing, walking shoes or a bicycle for the beautiful pathways,...  read more

  • Fishing

    Beautiful Outdoor Holiday Activities

    Gippsland Lakes are Australia's biggest inland waterways. Made up of lakes, marshes, and lagoons, Gippsland Lakes cover about 600 square kilometers of land. The three largest lakes are Lake Wellington, Lake Victoria, and Lake King.   It is a wonderful holiday destination because...  read more

  • Holiday House

    What to Do In Lakes Entrance

    Lakes Entrance is a beautiful fishing and tourist resort town in Victoria, Australia. Lakes Entrance is located near the eastern edge of Victoria, right on the edge of the picturesque beachfront. Lakes Entrance is famous for its spectacular view of the Gippsland Lakes from the world-renown...  read more

  • B&B Lakes Entrance

    Bed and Breakfast Accommodations : What You Need to Know

    Lakes Entrance in Victoria, Australia is a top tourist destination. Featuring outdoor activities like fishing and hiking, as well as shopping and dining, Lakes Entrance is the perfect holiday spot.   The accommodations are varying, but the best and most famous are the bed...  read more

  • Boating Gippsland

    10 Boating Terms and Safety Tips You Need to Know

    If you are considering taking a boat out on the water for your latest holiday adventure, there are some basic things that you had better know. Don't count on the lessons you learned in primary school, if you learned any lessons at all. Knowing basic boating terms and safety tips is an...  read more

  • Boating Gippsland

    Events and Activities to Look Out For

    Planning a holiday to the Gippsland Lakes' premier destination for boating and water sports? Here are some of the most exciting events and activities to look out for when visiting Paynesville; don't miss out when you visit!   Of course, when you visit Paynesville, you're there...  read more

  • Boating Gippsland

    Paynesville Travel and Accomodation Guide

    An Idyllic Retreat   For those needing an Australian getaway, one place not to miss is beautiful Paynesville, in Victoria. It is easily accessible by a short, 3-½ ride from Melbourne. It's a picturesque little resort town that lies in the Gippsland region. It's quaint streets and...  read more

  • B&B

    Stay Here for Bed & Breakfast

    You might have never thought about living in a bed and breakfast facility. Whenever you visit a place, even for a weekend getaway, your primary accommodation option is always a hotel or a resort. However, you must definitely check out the B&B in Lakes Entrance as well. This place is quite...  read more

  • Accommodation

    Book An Accommodation and Enjoy Your Stay

    The Raymond Island can become your best ever vacation spot, especially if you have found a great place to stay. Remember, Raymond Island is the ultimate getaway you have been looking for. There is fun and there is peace too. This is one destination that would never let you feel bored or...  read more

  • Best Accommodation

    Enjoy The Time Of Your Life At One of The Best Accommodations

    Finding the best accommodation in Paynesville might not be an easy job. You would have think about the rates of accommodations, the facilities provided by them, their reliability, reputation and a family friendly atmosphere as well. However, have you ever wondered the reasons why you are...  read more

  • Hotel

    One of The Best Hotels To Stay

    Gippsland Lakes might be the only place where you would want to stay and enjoy the coolest vacation of your life. It is a great place for fishing, boating and even kayaking. Even if you don't want to take part in any of these activities, you would be able to watch the beautiful sunset at...  read more

  • B&B Bairnsdale

    The Advantages of Staying in A B&B

    There are a number of cheap accommodations available to those who are wishing to spend a great weekend in Bairnsdale. This is one of the most amazing places to spend a weekend, whether alone or with your family. Apart from hotels and resorts, you also have a great option available for making...  read more

  • Boating

    Boating is The Most Amazing Experience Ever

    The Gippsland Lakes is one of the best places in the world where you would be able to fish for some amazing fish species like trout, flatheads, beamers, snappers and many more. This place is known throughout the world for its amazing fish species and great opportunities for angling. There is a...  read more

  • B&B

    The Bed And Breakfast Travel

    No matter how many great vacations you have been on and how many great hotels you have stayed at, there is nothing better than the Australian Bed and Breakfast experience. It is cool, quite, calm and very enchanting as well. Imagine yourself in the great Australian countryside, sipping your...  read more

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